Breast Care

Breast Care at La Ronde Lingerie

If you have had a mastectomy and do not want a breast reconstruction, you may like to consider wearing an external breast prosthesis to help give you the look of two breasts when dressed in your clothes. Breast prostheses are also useful if you want to restore the weight of your breast so that you don’t feel lopsided. Reference: Breast Cancer Network Australia


Advanced Breast Care, Amoena and Trulife are prothesis carefully fitted and provided by LaRonde Lingerie, Wangaratta.


ameona           Advanced Breast Care          Trulife


Prothesis Bra’s

  • Berlei
  • Post Surgery Crop Bra
  • Amoena
  • Bianca Padded Non Wire, Isadora, Dorothy, Ina, Sandy, Danna, Lara, Mona
  • Trulife
  • Barbara