Founded in 1975, Amoena is dedicated to empowering women diagnosed with breast cancer. Their innovative solutions, developed in collaboration with experts and affected women, set new standards in breast care.

All Amoena stockists, including La Ronde, have certified fitters trained to understand your needs. At La Ronde, our caring experts can assist with post-surgery healing, fit you with the perfect breast form or shaper, and provide pocketed apparel for comfort and confidence.

Explore our range of Amoena products below and book a personalised in-store fitting on our contact page.

    Natura Cosmetic 3E Breast Form - Ivory

    Provides exceptional wearing comfort, especially for women who may have physical issues that prevent them from wearing a regular weighted breast form. Provides optical symmetry after breast surgery. Gives a natural body sensation. The Comfort+ layer ensures a steady temperature equalisation between body and breast form and improves the wearing comfor

    • Narrower footprint has less coverage in the top centre
    • Full fit with a better natural drape with a clear gel back snug against sensitive chest wall
    • Comfort+ material integrated into the silicone helps to reduce perspiration by equalising the temperature behind the form
    • Breast form with reduced weight. Three-layer breast form that's available in left and right and suitable for wired bras as well
    • Asymmetrical shape for a left or right fitting
    • Cosmetic breast forms are 20% lighter than standard silicone breast forms of the same shape and size

    Adapt Air Xtra Light 2SN Adjustable Breast Form - Ivory

    Amoena's new, individually adjustable Adapt Air Xtra Light 2SN, can be adjusted simply by adding or releasing air - anytime and easily also at home! With innovative air chamber technology, it is customisable to every chest wall for a close fit and perfect skin contact.

    • Integrated air chamber for individual adjustment
    • Comfortably customisable to every chest wall for a close fit and perfext skin contact
    • Temperature-equalizing Comfort+ layer
    • Structured back side for ventilation and flexibility
    • Cupside includes soft InTouch Light silicone, 40% lighter than regular weighted breast from in the same size
    • Available in the new modern 2SN shape for an average cup form
    • Includes a personal pump